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About Us

OTTİMO Management Consultancy was established to provide companies with financial, management, investment, B2B marketing and strategy consultancy services. As Development Consultancy, Turkey strive to improve the competitiveness of companies. We continue our work since 2010 with more than 70 consultancy projects that we have managed and more than 123 which we have contributed. As a result of these experiences; On the basis of competitiveness of successful companies, we have seen the harmony of 3 basic disciplines that work as “expertly designed parts of a single whole”. For this reason, we offer services under the umbrella of OTTIMO for these 3 issues that produce competitive results and their harmonization.

Our Mission

It is a team of dedicated, positive and successful people who always aim to be balanced, complementary and honest. As OTTIMO team, we work with the people with the most accurate principles in order to benefit from us at the highest level, to turn into the company they want to be, or to reach the goals they want to reach.

We choose our customers not because of their size, but because of their intentions. Because we know that people are important and companies must be managed within a system. We recommend the most practical, applicable and fastest possible strategies for our customers to grow their companies. We regain our customers the spirit, freedom and dynamism they need to improve their business.

Therefore, our aim is to lead and support companies on the path of corporate development and growth.

While doing this, creating trust by investing in the future without compromising our understanding of quality and best service is one of our most important goals. In this way, we will be the reliable partner and travel companion of corporate companies.

Our Vision

The increase of world welfare is directly proportional to the correct management of the business world. In this direction, it is our greatest goal to increase the world welfare with a business and management consultant for every company.

Our Values

Confidence OTTIMO works with reliable experts in all its work. All his work is transparent. All relationships are based on trust.

Awareness The aim is to support the development of corporate firms by creating awareness.

Development In order for a corporate firm to progress and achieve its goals, it must constantly improve. OTTIMO ensures the continuous development of itself and its business partners by following the current conjuncture.

Quality Quality is the primary goal. It works with the best experts in its field for quality awareness.

Ethic Ethical understanding and attitude are indispensable for OTTIMO. All studies are carried out through an ethical filter, keeping the merit value ahead.



Marketing Management Improvement Service

Improvement efforts for companies that operate in the Inter-Business (B2B) markets to take more effective marketing structure and last for about 4 months.

Sales and Marketing Check-Up

A study to understand the current sales and marketing dynamics for companies operating in B2B markets and to reveal strengths and weaknesses by comparing them with good practices. Analysis and reporting takes about 3 weeks in total.

Audit of Continuous Marketing

Periodic continuous monitoring of all the work done by companies on behalf of marketing and providing suggestions for improvement.


Future Design and Implementation

Şirket yönetimi ile önceden periyodlarda yapılan zihin toparlama, zaman yönetimi ve iş yönetimi konularında önceliklerin tartışıldığı, uzun vadeli planların yapıldığı toplantı ve çalıştaylar.

Strategic Plan and Activity Plans Follow-up, Development and Revision

It covers the preparation of the 5-year strategic plans of the companies, accordingly, the establishment of the activity plans and the follow-up of the company management.


Finance/ Investment Consultancy

Finance/ Investment Services

Within the scope of our Finance and Investment Services, there is also a loan from the bank. The lowest interest rates are being researched by our team and we are with you at the loan supply stage to meet the amount you need in the most profitable way for your company. You can also get project financing and financial consultancy services. We would like to state that we are experts in the field of real estate consultancy.

Law Consultancy

Legal Consultancy Service and Scope for Companies;

Full or partial division processes of corporate companies should also be carried out in accordance with certain laws and regulations. You can also benefit from our legal counseling services in the field of species changes and liquidation. We share with you what you need to do in accordance with the laws regarding establishment of companies, opening branches and establishing liaison offices, and help you complete these processes without any problems.

You can also turn your route towards the Common Mind direction in matters that are extremely important to every company, such as general assembly organizations or tax cases. We would like to state that we also provide services in the fields of tax law, contracts law or contract analysis and evaluations. You can get help from us at any legal review and reporting stage and benefit from our legal counseling service. Moreover, it does not matter to us what kind of activities you are doing in which sector. We offer consultancy services for every sector. Especially labor law disputes are among the most common legal problems that every company faces. We also provide consultancy services with our professional team in the field of legal dispute resolution in a legal manner. You can take advantage of these services in the field of employment contract and employee personal file preparation, procedures for termination of the contract. Contact us for more detailed information.


İmport/ Export Consultancy

Bring your Import Export Consulting;

You can also use the export consultancy service to identify potential distributor importers and distributor companies. We are engaged in conducting a comprehensive and detailed study such as communicating with these companies effectively and also meeting the demands of the companies, which companies are interested in your export activities. You can benefit from the advantages of our consultancy services not only in the smooth completion of your activities, but also in the smooth execution of sales activities.

In order to reach the target audience in the shortest way in B2B, B2C, B2G, B2M fields, you can also use export consultancy services. Our aim in this service is to ensure that your export activities turn into a functioning mechanism in its most general form. It is not enough to establish a management system in foreign trade. It is among our targets that this management system becomes operational.

Institutionalisation Consultancy


Advantages of Institutionalization;

  1. Your organization works more regularly, dynamically and systematically.
  2. It increases the competitiveness of the business.
  3. It's easy to keep control.
  4. Making mistakes decreases to a minimum.
  5. Achieving your goals becomes easier.
  6. Authority, control and responsibilities are clear.
  7. Time is used more efficiently for employers and managers.

It reveals different perspectives.

Budget and business plans are more clear.

Time is used more efficiently for employers and managers.

95% of companies in Turkey consists of a family business. The institutionalization of family companies is of great importance for the stability of the economy. Governance and Institutionalization Our consultant tells the process of institutionalization of family companies in Turkey


What Does Institutionalization
Consultant Do?

The main purpose of enterprises or companies, without changing the sector, is definitely institutionalization. Because institutionalization directly gives confidence to the potential customer base, it provides benefits in business development, market creation, and reassurance. 


At this point, working with the institutionalization consultant will be the most practical and permanent solution and will serve to take your company and your business further. In addition, institutionalization also supports companies or businesses to provide a more systematic and higher quality professional service.  

Management Consultation

Management Structure Improvement Services;

Organization and identification studies to ensure the discipline of doing business in accordance with the business model and in line with the capabilities of the business and to increase the quality of management.


Services provided for evaluating all the main components of the company management structure and restructuring them with scientific methods.

Institution Analysis

The research, in which the company is examined by scientific methods on 20 factors such as its current position, organizational structure, market, technological systems used, future insights, management capabilities and competitive status. It takes about 10 weeks.

İndependent Membership of Board of Directors

Service offered as an independent board member to the board meetings of companies that are mandatory for public companies or have established a board of directors as a requirement of good management.

Advisory Board Membership

Service offered as an advisory board member to advisory boards established to monitor the progress of companies in strategic and structural areas and to meet their consultation needs on critical issues.

Tax Consultancy

  • Authentication Services
  • Customs Services
  • Management Support Services
  • Tax Planning Services
  • Transfer Pricing Services
  • Special Purpose Reporting Services
  • VAT Refunds Services
  • Corporate Tax Refund Services
  • Special Consumption Tax Refund Services